Remy Natural Lash Triple Pack 66T Eyelashes

Remy Natural Lash Triple Pack 66T Eyelashes

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Response Remy Natural Lashes:-

100% Human Hair  Fresh Natural Band Easy To Apply Remy natural lashes are tied,

hand-trimmed, feathered and designed on a soft, flexible and flesh natural band

How To Apply Remy Natural Lashes:-

Peel lashed from plastic insert gently. Apply thin line of natural eyelash adhesive along the band. Curve the band to contour you eyelids with hands. Press it gently the length of eyelash band from inner corner of eye outward until adhesive has dried.

How To Remove:-

Gently peel off the eyelash starting at the outer corner. Remove adhesive from band. Place lashes back on tray to keep shape for re-use.